Chances Are . . .

To read Richard Russo is to remember why we read fiction—great storytelling, complex character development and a plot that captivates from the first sentence.  In this stand-alone novel, three old friends, inseparable during college where they slung hash together at a local sorority, meet again on Martha’s Vineyard some 45 years after their graduation.  It is the anniversary of a week-end party spent with their mascot, Jacey, a sorority girl from Greenwich they all were in love with and had paled around with for four years.  That drunken weekend (a sort of extended bachelor party for Jacey who was scheduled to be married the following week) sent them all on their different paths except for Jacey who was never heard from again.  What happened to her?  What happened to them?  Chances are you will be flipping the pages to find the answers as well as to learn how little we know of one another.

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