Darwin’s Pick: Caravan of Thieves

Caravan of Thieves by David Rich

Are you having difficulty staying awake while reading? If so, this thriller, from former screen writer Rich, will get your heart racing and fix your eyes wide open, as you experience the exploits of Rollie Waters, a healthy, incredibly fit and savvy U.S. Marine just back from a murky undercover job in Afghanistan and now enmeshed in a very topsy-turvy plot to recover hundreds of millions of crisp U.S. currency stolen from the reserves of Saddam Hussein after the invasion of Baghdad. Having grown up with a con artist father gives Rollie a head start—a near pathological tendency to lie and dissimulate, and an enormous bag of tricks to fall back on—in dealing with untrustworthy high level military personnel, CIA agents and Treasury Department Agents and various accessory sultry females, all of whom have different interests in the money.

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